Synthesizers Programming & Games Creative
Original IA files
   Stuff on do it yourself analog synths and classic synth schematics. There are also some pages on things like vocoders, music theory, audio science etc.

Faded Earth : Warborn
   Warborn is a PC game project featuring 3d graphics and shaders. Content includes war machines, various environments with destroyable elements, a multitude of unusual characters, sounds, music, and effects. WIP version available.

   A BGE game that has a common shooter foundation, a Russian cold war theme, and various possible level / bot set ups.

Butterfield Burn
   This is a 2d top down game involving silly improvised weapons and conflicts with cops and thugs seeming almost like a GTA spoof.


Confrontation Invasion
   Fan stuff for miniatures and games, specifically Confrontation, with fan art, miniatures, etc.


Video Game Visual Novel BlackbirdOA New Features! SceneText, Dialog, Puzzle and Strategy.