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  Confrontation : A game originally in French is now being produced in other languages including English.
    This incredible miniature game has been gaining speed with a huge number well sculpted figures as well as a variety of expansion supplements. The basic rules and characteristics of the miniatures are included with almost every package.
     This site is a fan site with art, and tips for players and hobbyists.

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Rackham: The French creator of the game holds copyrights on many of the names involved in the game as well as the art, cards, and sculpture.

Confrontation Rules

An introduction to the rules of the confrontation tabletop game. In confrontation small or large armies clash each character or group moving individually. Dice are rolled chances are taken and victory or defeat is attained.

Miniature Painting and Modeling

Miniature painting, modeling, and gaming and other hobby aspects as applied to Rackham's miniatures. Learn to make good bases, attractive paint schemes, and remove unsightly flash and mold lines.

Confrontation Art

Fan art relating to Confrontation's races, characters, and world.

Scenery for miniature scenes or games

Tips on creating interesting scenery to support your games and how such scenery relates to the Confrontation game rules.

Miniatures Showcase

Here we show some miniatures and discuss the techniques used in improving them. Sorry only two miniatures at the time.

Product List

A short overview of Rackham's game products, cards, Ragnarok, (or Rag'narok) and future english releases.

The factions and nations of Arklash

A list of the factions and nations of the confrontation game with brief descriptions and notes about availability.

Game material tips

Tips on game materials needed, templates dice and cards. Just some helpful advice to keep your gear in working order.

Hybrid Game

A new game based on Confrontation, it comes complete with miniatures, game board, cards, dice, and Hybrid rulebook. Hybrid pits Gryphon warriors against laboratory experiments gone wrong.

The Dogs of War

Armies can include allies from only some factions but here is a list of mercenaries that can be in any army.

Card Template

This is an easy to use card template you can use to make your own characters and troop cards. Too bad it doesn't have the cool symbols on it.


This is a somewhat outdated translation of some ragnarok info, better info on the game's rules, races, characters, and world should be available soon in english.

    Arklash was once ruled by the gods who were masters of the various races of man, elf, dwarf, goblin, and wolfen. The gods used their powers and the people they controlled to fight amongst themselves. This led to a great catastrophe and many perished in that dark age. The gods were then banished from earth by an unnamed force but they continued to influence the people they had once ruled.

    The kingdom of the Lion arose and the Griffins of Akkylannie split off from the empire. Alchemists in the empire of the Lion were banished for their evil sciences and they formed the Scorpions of Dirz. The cursed barony of Archeon also severed from this empire and became more tainted with the powers of undeath.

    The Sessaris barbarians look for a leader to unite them with their brothers the Drunes clan. The ancient Dwarves of Tir-Na-Bor struggle against their evil possessed counterparts, the Dwarves of Mid-Nor. The Wolfen follow the goddess of the moon Yllia. The outcasts of their culture can repent to rejoin their ranks but some depart to follow the savage ways of Vile-Tys and the Devourers.
     The Goblins of No-Dan-Kar are scattered as their kings try to unite them into an empire. The Alchemists tried to make a superior and obedient Goblin soldier through genetics. The result was the first Orks who rebelled and took up residence in Bran-O-Kor.
    The Cynwälls are ancient and secretive Elves who are more advanced than the forest dwelling Daikini. The Akyshan Elves are darker in nature and dwell in the forest of webs.

This is a fan site for Rackham's Confrontation miniature line. Any comments, questions, etc., as well as any submissions of images or art should go to the site webmaster.